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It is human nature to be curious about what lies behind closed doors, what is hidden in the depths of the ocean, or what is concealed behind the curtains. There is an explainable thrill that comes with the prospect of unearthing the unknown, the treasure that is hidden away from plain sight.

The same can be said about Taibah. Often, we are so fixated on what we think is the main purpose of schools, studying, on the familiar that we miss out on the opportunities that lie beyond the eye. Only in Taibah can we discover the true beauty of education.

The beauty of education lies in the unpredictable and exciting activities done at school besides studying itself. There are many activities in Taibah, but there is Theatre Production! It is the treasure behind the curtains of Taibah because it has gold in it! The gold is the confidence, that it builds in us, the students.

Confidence is the goal that comes from the treasure behind Taibah curtains which is the theatre production and I am proud to say that I am one of the lucky students that got a chance to participate in it this year. It felt like a dream but I realized it was reality when I stood in front of thousands of parents!

Theatre production is an unpredictably exciting activity that Taibah provides and it is the unknown treasure that students discover to boost their confidence and their power of speech, not forgetting that it also promotes their talents!

Consider joining Taibah for academics but note also, the amazing treasures hidden in the plain sight.

By Raheem Hamid.

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