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At Taibah International School, we are a welcoming community for everyone despite of ethnicity. We have a variety of nationalities ranging from South Africans, Tanzanians, South Sudanese, Ethiopians, Americans, Britons, Germans, Congolese and Ugandans and us being a family-friendly school, we give a chance to all despite the presence of language barriers. In addition to this, we have slowly but steadily solved this by introducing various languages like French, Kiswahili and English. We believe that at least if 50% of the school population can speak at least one or more each, communication may be eased.

Besides all this, we have a few occasions like the African Day and Night which gives a chance to all students to showcase their culture by preparing their staple food, dressing up in their traditional attire and portraying their cultural dances. We do this to introduce the school community to a wide range of cultures early on. This also gives learners a chance to build their confidence levels, which reflects on one of our 5C’s.

As a school, we have enhanced different cultures and this has given a wider range of knowledge to not only the learners but also the administration and if we continue this mannerism, I believe that 80% of the school population rather than 50% would be able to speak these languages and express the cultural diversity even more.

Telicha Shammah

Year 10

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