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Easter Holiday

Easter Sunday is the day we Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This year's Easter took place on the 31st of March, this break starts on Good Friday up to Esther Monday. But before the actual day, we have a holy week where believers pay much attention while praying, usually, it starts from Palm Sunday to remember Jesus' Victorious entry to Jerusalem on a donkey after defeating Satan in the wilderness. Other days explain the arrest, trials, persecution and crucifixion on Good Friday. Easter Sunday is celebrated in different ways, my family and I went to church then to Victoria Mall for lunch, and after we went to AQUA Water Park until the evening. Our last place was Akamwesi shopping mall where we had our shopping and went home later at around 8:00 pm. Then Easter Monday was also full of fun with many games like bottle filling, sack race, spinning bottles and a movie about Jesus’ crucifixion. It was an interesting Easter holiday and I’m looking forward to having another one next year.

By Nakimuli Gloria P.6 Francolin

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