Editor's Note

Gleefully, I introduce this edition of the Taibah times to you, our esteemed readers. As we all know a

magazine does not only mirror what we are as a school but also highlights the term's excitements and

activities at TISS, TJS and TISP. It brings a wide choice of topics ranging from Exposition Day, the

Langford Tournament, candidates’ PROMs, DELF, entrepreneurship projects, sports, education and

other teenage challenges. Parents, students and well-wishers, please find time and read these articles

because there is a lot to learn and enjoy especially from the head teachers’ communications so that you

don’t miss on any important information or even some changes. We have reduced on the number

publications this term to gauge our readership – we would like to know who has read an article; please

comment when you do. I would thus like to send my sincere apologies to the enthusiastic writers whose

poems and stories couldn’t feature in this edition and would like to let you know that all the poems and

stories will be featured in our Taibah poem and short story collection that will commence at the

beginning of the term. I hope this magazine will encourage many more students to express their

creativity especially through writing.

Many thanks to the editorial teams of TISS, TJS and TISP, teachers and students for your immense help

in breathing life into these pages.

Teacher Leticia (TISS)

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