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Editor's Note

Hey Everyone!

Wow, this term at our school has been super awesome, and we can't wait to tell you all about it! We did so many cool things that made our classrooms and halls burst with happiness, learning, and friendship.

We started with fun class projects that let our creativity shine, and our lessons were like a big party of learning. We went on exciting trips, played with words during Thesaurus Week, and spread kindness during Acts of Kindness Week. It was all about being nice and caring for each other. Imagine this – we got to wear whatever we wanted on Non-Uniform Day, and we even tackled tricky math stuff during Algebra Week. Plus, we saw how leaders are chosen during the Prefects' Elections. Oh, and we celebrated special moments like baptisms and confirmations!

Books came alive during Book Week, and we celebrated different cultures in Kiswahili Week. We had some tough exams called Check Point Exams, and guess what? Mufti, a special guest, visited our school and shared cool stuff with us.

The big test, Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE), was a challenge, but the candidates did it with lots of determination. We also had a farewell party for our graduating friends during the Valedictory ceremony – it was emotional but so much fun!

Our school is not just about classes – we have awesome clubs, a brass band that plays great music, and weekends full of entertainment. Even the little ones in Nursery School had a blast with a special Montessori afternoon! We got artsy with the Cambridge family during a painting afternoon, and our taste buds danced with joy during Taibah meals. We also had a day all about technology (ICT Day) and a special experience with Taibah that we'll never forget. And guess what? The term ended with a bang at the Mega Bash – a super cool party with lots of laughter, music, and celebration!

You can check out all the cool details by following the link. Our adventures are like a big rainbow of fun and learning, and we're so happy you're part of our journey.

Enjoy reading this magazine.

Cizellah Alinde, P.6 Crested crane

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