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Looking for talent and entertainment? We’ve got it all. From a harmonious choir to irresistible dances and a play that will have you gripping the edge of your seat. Taibah’s theatre production gives its students the opportunity to showcase their extraordinary talent! Especially with Covid gone, Taibah along with Swangz Avenue and Buzz Events worked tirelessly to put on quite the show. From magnificent lights to a great stage and even the best quality screens so parents were able to catch every precious moment of their child’s performance. ‘Unmasking the Egwugwu’ was an unprecedented event. Despite this being the second time this particular play was chosen, Taibah proved the sky’s the limit with this outstanding performance which was indubitably better than the last.

Since one of our 5C’s and top priorities is ‘Care for the Community’, Taibah is considerate enough to hold three shows, ensuring that everybody can enjoy at their convenience. Having participated in all areas of the show, I can say it was quite the experience! Taibah and Swangz went all out, promising an air-conditioned tent large enough to fit three thousand people. To many of us, this seemed impossible but in the end, even through the heavy rain and unbearable heat, they were able to pull through and stay true to that promise. Our Principal and of course members from Buzz Events and Swangz, sacrificed a lot of time spending long days for both practice and the venue to ensure their vision becomes a reality.

Not only was the show memorable but the preparation was truly unforgettable too. All students were able to develop their skills and even learn something new to take with them, many took up leadership roles, ensuring we had what we needed and helping to keep the schedule running smoothly as their contribution to the program. Most importantly, this was a chance for many to improve their confidence, an essential aspect of one’s life. As the principal, Mr Oscar Semweya Musoke said, ‘It’s important to show up’ and I’m quite sure we didn’t disappoint. It may not always have been easy, but the knowledge of being awarded a certificate and a Theatre party was the motivation.

One could say it was even fun, definitely a time to remember. We were able to persevere and prove that we have a lot to offer and not just academics alone. At the end of the day, Taibah is undoubtedly a school that lives up to its motto, ‘Education with a difference.’

Krystal Kitaka (year 12)

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