Entrepreneurship Projects

Clothing retail, selling ice-cream, 3D movie show, mega parties and delicious pastries: these are just some of the many projects that were done by the S5 and YR 12 students. Usually, semi-candidates are given the chance to run their own business for a month in second term. However, this program was paused for the past two years because of the covid outbreak. Nonetheless, this year projects were even more extravagant than ever before.

In order to start-up, you were required to get your business approval letter signed by the headteacher which was really a long process. After that, you needed to figure out ways to bring your resources to school and start marketing yourself. Ideally, many businesses faced challenges but that didn’t stop the young entrepreneurs pushing through to the end.

At the end everyone was assessed basing on how well they were able to run their business. The top three winners got vouchers to Aristoc and the rest were given certificates depending on what tier they were. Overall, it was a very challenging experience and many got to learn new fundamental skills which are relevant to the real world.


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