Events Week in Taibah

During the events week, we had a lot of occasions like Bass Down, Rainbow festival and the Movie Night. In Bass Down we had different musicians like lucky Jo our own, The tribe and Quetexs. This took place from the Basketball coat. Most people enjoyed The tribe because they had really nice music. People enjoyed Bass Down but did not like the fact that it ended early. This concert was arranged by senior fives and year 12’s. There was also a rainbow festival where we were supposed to put on black down and white t shirts. We had this festival from the school field were everyone. We had different activities like tag of war, squid game and dancing competitions. I really enjoyed the dancing competition because I also took part with a few friends of mine. The tag of war was really fun because I also took part with a few friends of mine. The tag of war was really fun because even those who didn’t have energy were helping those with energy which wasn’t helping them win their opponents. The squid game was also nice because people were running and when the time reached to stop, most people were not stopping because they thought they were not being seen by the people in charge. And the most interesting part was the part when people were throwing colors at themselves.

And last but not least the movie night, the movie night begun at round 7:00pm in the evening where it took place from the basketball court. To enter the movie night, you had to buy a ticket at ten thousand shillings for each ticket. This was organized by Hornella, Najeeb, and Latif in senior 5. I really loved the movie because we were given 3D glasses and the movie was a horror movie. As usual girls and boys were separated both left and right. At the movie night they were selling rolexes, cupcakes, sodas and popcorns. The most interesting part of this movie night was when someone walked around covering themselves with a white bed sheet which scared everyone.

What a nice “EVENTS WEEK” it was!

By Paradise Mugalasi Trisha

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