Hullo, my name is Shanice and I am going to tell you about exposition. Our theme as a school was turning trash into gold. Different classes made different things for example Yr.3 Bluebird made water fountains, it was incredible, P.6 Wrens made fertilizers that are very good to the environment and other classes made different but beautiful things and very useful and friendly to the environment. It was just wow!

Everyone was eager to see which class won the 2022 exposition. Primary seven Flamingo made board games that were very creative. Primary Six Eagles made bee hives and smokers. Primary Six Crested crane made kitchen ware which was wow! Primary Seven Pigeon made glass ware. Primary Five Ostrich made solar panels, Primary One Sparrow made puppets, Primary four Velvet made learning materials, Primary Seven Weaver bird made shoes, to mention but a few.

This year’s exposition was super fun!

P.6 Wrens

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