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The clear and full explanation of ideas and theories in a rhetorical mode whose purpose is to express ideas as a set of facts essential for a purpose. It is considered a literal tool that is used to give information to the audience through dialogue, description, flashbacks, narrative, and interrogation.

Taibah International School Junior annually holds this outstanding event designed to convey information about what may seem difficult to understand but is explained crystal clear in recording, dialogue and recitation. We exhibit, demonstrate, display and present what we prepare to our audience systematically. The theme of this particular year 2023 was ‘My Culture, My Pride’ unanimously selected with the purpose of comprehensively providing essential background information about varied cultural aspects worldwide.

Different class streams under the jurisdiction of their managers resourcefully executed the comparison, contrast, cause and effect and explored the possible solutions to inform the audience about the challenges and their remedies as per different cultures both locally and internationally. The whole practice and preparation are never taken for granted because of its competitiveness internally since the most outstanding class presentation is recognised and awarded gold medals after a transparent secret ballot voting session has been conducted by the teaching staff. An organised visit by both learners and their teachers to see what each class how cased as they bear in mind the winner is done before the voting process. Our learners wholeheartedly participated and took full responsibility for the situation confirming the reality of the school motto “Education with a difference with a difference.” We thank God for the conducive weather and the countless turn up of both parents and well-wishers.

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