Exposition and the Cambridge Feeling

Exposition term two 2022 was a blast! But before I get into details, let me explain what the exposition is. Exposition is an event that occurs every year, always comes around with different topics under a given theme. This year, the theme was “From Trash to Gold.” In this theme, we were challenged to recycle waste into gold!

Personally, my class (yr. 6 Parakeet) decided to use used old tyres to make house furniture. Yr. 6 Lorikeet made different products from orange peels as trash. Yr.4 Fire finch made masks and models of fruits and other classes had different other topics. But let explain the programme.

In the morning we were in our classes by 7:30 a.m. finishing up the arrangements and each individual role. Both the UNEB and Cambridge curricular appreciated, but Cambridge did it their way for example our class used Literacy to highlight our theme. We wrote poems, essays and we also used some illustrations. As a matter of fact, Cambridge beat UNEB in the expo.

A camera and questionnaires passed by every class streaming what they did live on Facebook. After that, we were given the opportunity as students and teachers to check out other classes, from nursery to yr. six and primary seven. The top two classes in the expo were, in first place, Year Five Waxbill and in second place, Year Six Parakeet. And Cambridge overall was for the most part, the winners.

After the tour of the classes, we headed for lunch and the day scholars and boarders who were going home left later on.

Yr.6 Parakeet

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