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The day we were told to practice Buganda culture, we thought it was simple and well-known to many of us, yet it wasn’t the case.

In Taibah every term we have a major event, this time it was an exposition.P.6 Francolin we exposed Buganda culture, and it was the best and most challenging experience I have ever experienced, and I think even my friends felt so.

We started identifying areas to expose with guidance from our teacher, we came up with the following areas: traditional Baganda food and preparation, Bark cloth making, Traditional religion, local brewery, Last funeral rites, Local herbs, hunting in Buganda, Local craft making, local games. We thought we knew everything about it until the day we started practising. Some of us were just hearing some words for the first time and speaking Luganda for the first time, it was a difficult language for some of us and we thought we knew everything about it, but we were wrong there are so many things we didn’t know.

We really did a lot of training. I was explaining the origin of the Baganda and the formation of the Buganda Kingdom. We realized one day that Buganda culture is full of wonders, and we continued training until the day to showcase our culture, the day of the Exposition our class was filled with so many wonderful staff which most of the children at school had never seen most of them were amazed when they entered our class.

We did our best on that day and our parents were happy and liked the fluent Luganda we were speaking and the cultural knowledge we had learnt. When the Exposition ended, we were so tired and our teacher thanked us for our hard work, our class was ranked the second-best stream in upper school and given a prize. I learnt a lesson that we should not just speak before we Experience something we misjudged the Buganda culture until we faced it.


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