Exposition in Taibah Junior School

On 18th June Taibah junior school had exposition , the topic of the exposition was new technology. All teachers were moving up and down to prepare their classes. But also us as the Cambridges section we also had topics, the topic for year 2 was new technology in fish farming, the topic of yr 5 was new technology in education and the topic of yr 6 was science technology engineering and maths and more uneb lower and upper classes many parents and visitors came in to see what we have done.

As the head teacher talks to us she says that there is a winner and there is no looser because everyone worked hard. And finally, the winners were kg1 prinia in the nursery section, p.1 falcon in the lower primary, P.5 Turaco in the upper primary and Year 2 Lorikeet on the Cambridge section.

In conclusion, I advise all parents to bring their kids to join us in Taibah junior school to get the best education with a difference.

Nassonko Hannah
Year 6 parakeet

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