What a wonderful month

                    A month with thirty days

              Full of Allah's mercy and peace

            A month were people behave well

               What a wonderful month is it!

A month full of Allah's blessings 

Where Allah doubles the Muslims’ rewards 

Where people pray all prayers in congregation 

A month where Taraweeh is conducted daily

Oh what a fruitful month this is!

A month where the night of power (lailatul qadr) is found

The month where the holy Quran was revealed 

A month full of peace across the all universe 

A month where Muslims’ bad deeds are written off.

A month where Muslims’ necks are removed from the blazing Hell fire.

In the month where able Muslims pay zakat for their family members

A month where able Muslims go for hajj in the holy city of Mecca

At the end of month. 

Bogere Swalik
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