Fathers' Day

Fathers’ day is a day when fathers are celebrated. They must be celebrated for taking care of children and mothers. Fathers pay our school fees, so they deserve a big celebration. Men pay house bills, they are strong and caring. There are men out there who are very strong like President Museveni, the speakers of parliament and the army. Without men, women would not have been born. Men are the saviours of this world. We should be grateful that God gave us men. Without men, would women be born? We should be glad that we have men in this world. Men should also be glad that they have women in world. It is women that give birth to birth to children but it is men that pay hospital bills. It is women that take care of the babies and breast feed them. Men buy cars for the women.

I love my dad because he is a great man.

P.4 Velvet

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