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Feminism is a powerful force,

Breaking down barriers changing the course,

Equality for all, regardless of gender,

A movement that continues to render.

Empowering women, giving them voice,

Fighting for justice, making the choice,

To challenge norms, to break the mold,

In a world where everyone can unfold.

It is about dismantling patriarchy’s grip,

Creating a society where all can equip,

With rights and opportunities, fair and just,

Where gender does not define, limit, or thrust.

Feminism is not about superiority,

But about equality, for all see,

To embrace diversity, to lift each other,

Uniting as one, sisters and brothers,

So let’s stand together, hand in hand,

Supporting feminism, across the land.

For a future when everyone can thrive,

In a world where gender biases do not strive.


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