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Beauty, as the English say, lies in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty comes in all kinds of colors and sizes. It is defined in numerous ways. Inner, outer, natural, gorgeous, stunningly, lovely, flamboyant, and intelligent to mention but a few. Outer beauty is sought after in many ways but people all over the world oftentimes forget its inner version. Remember true beauty resides within a good heart, not in superficial things like hair makeup, or clothes.

In search of perfection, some people tend to hide behind makeup, and clothes to mask insecurities that ruin true beauty within them. Others seek approval from other people to believe that they are beautiful. When no compliment comes their way, they hide their true beauty in the low self-esteem that engrosses them. Beauty is not only in appearance but also in expression. Jesus once said, “What the heart is full of, the mouth speaks.” Beautiful words come from a beautiful heart.

Outer beauty, as important as it is, impresses them and is temporary because it is driven by trends, age, time, and seasons that never last. However, the inner beauty hidden in one’s heart is everlasting. In conclusion, we should all know, “when beauty shines from within, there can be no one denying it.” by Alex Wek. “Beauty shines on the inside.”

Zion Mulungi

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