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This story was told to me by my Mathematics teacher. He said, once upon a time, he was just 19 years old. There was a girl and her name was “Florence” and her father was the chairperson L.C 1. She was possessed by a spirit. But she could not cry. And at that time Tr. Edgar knew how to beat, but he would not beat Florence. One day a teacher beat her, she cried, out of nowhere, she stood up, her eyes turned red then her voice came out of her but it was deeper. It said, ‘Why you have beaten me?’ No one responded. It said again, ‘Why have you beaten me?’ They called the priest. The priest prayed but nothing happened. Instead she kicked the priest and he went flying until the end of the room. Then they called her father. Her father rode on a bike then he reached the school. He touched her and she calmed down. The voice spoke; ‘I told you never to make her cry’.

Treasure Kollie, P.4 V

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