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There was a poor family which lived in Masaka. One day, their baby fell sick and on the way to the hospital for treatment, while waiting for the taxi, their baby died. They cried on the road for their loss. Every taxi. they tried to stop to take the dead body home but refused to help them. So, the father of the baby got a TV box put the baby in the box and sealed it with sellotape. That’s when they were able to board a taxi and the ‘TV’ was put in the boot. While the taxi was moving, the parents slept off and one crafty passenger stopped the taxi and claimed the TV ‘My TV is in the boot,’ he said. By that time, the conductor had forgotten who the owner of the television was, so, he gave the TV to a thief. When the parents of the baby woke up, their ‘TV’ had been taken by another person and the conductor couldn’t help them. The parents started crying, ‘Our baby,’ and everyone was surprised. Other passengers intervened and said, ‘But you boarded with a television set and now you are saying, our baby! Meanwhile, the thief took the TV home and called his wife, children and neighbours to start watching the brand-new TV. When they opened, it was a dead body inside. As they were still shocked, police came and arrested the thief. 

This man vowed never to steal again.

Kizito David Karl Junior, P.7 Pigeon.

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