Focus of Week One

Making choices can mean to be a very tricky decision. But this was clearly demonstrated by the head teacher in her focus of the week which also doubled as a theme presentation. On the second day of school, a Friday, we were ending our first week. Tr. Judy, our head teacher brought a box with a writing, “It’s my choice.” The box contained sweets, gorillos, notebooks, one thousand shilling notes, two thousand shilling notes, five thousand shilling notes, ten thousand shilling notes, twenty thousand shilling notes, fifty thousand shilling notes and a one-hundred-dollar note. Then she chose ten children to pick whatever they wanted from the box. Some kids chose notebooks, others chose five thousand shilling notes and the rest chose what they preferred. But most pupils chose things of less value than the money which was also in the box especially the one-hundred-dollar note. Tr. Judy even emphasized that one was free to change their choice but everyone was content with what they had chosen Tr. Judy said that it was their choice. Tr. Judy then picked bigger notes from the box and everyone was in shock for not making the right choice. The focus of week one was therefore, MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE.

P.4 Velvet

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