French Language is getting Roots in Taibah International School

French is taught in Taibah Secondary School in our both curricula (The National and Cambridge Curriculum). The school supports fully the learning of French and in order to make it more profitable for the learners; the Head of School has enrolled three expert teachers in French language to cater for the needs of the learners for future use of French language.

Furthermore, the school has started a program of giving our learners the opportunity of doing an international exams leading to the award of an international lifelong certificate (DELF). Today, Taibah is a member of Alliance Française de Kampala (AFK), the main French language and cultural centre in Uganda. This has enabled us to take our first batch of students to sit the DELF exam on 24th June 2022.

On 12th March 2022, Taibah International School represented by the Head Teacher Mrs. Annet participated in the launch of a French speaking competition dubbed “Njogera Français”, at Alliance Française de Kampala (AFK). This program involves schools where French is taught in Uganda and it aims at supporting and enhancing students’ ambitions and interests in French language.

On 24th June 2022, the pioneers of DELF exams sat their A1and A2.We presented 26 candidates who took interest in the program. Their results were released and we are very proud of them.

Find hereafter, the five best students for June session who excelled. Just to give an example of what our learners can do.

Nabatanzi Catherine (Year 11) who got 97%

Babirye Mercy (year 11) got 96.5 %

Nangumya Trust (Year 9) got 92%

Kitaka Krystal (Year 11) got 86.5% and Mugume Crescent Goal (S4) who did A2 level and got 80%.

The exam assessed all the four language skills (Listening comprehension/ written expression/ spoken expression and written comprehension.)

The graduation ceremony will take place as soon as the Ministry of Education of France will sign and send the certificates.

Therefore we urge other parents to encourage their children in Taibah International School to do this exam and obtain that certificate and start having valuable documents on their CV. The next sitting is in November 2022 and we wish to see many children joining this program as soon as next term begins. The teachers volunteered to offer extra evening time to have this program succeed and they are ready to continue adding value to the internationalization of our learning and teaching of French at Taibah.

What is DELF?

The Diplôme d’études en langue française (DELF or Diploma of French Language Studies) is an internationally recognized French Language Proficiency Certificate awarded by France’s national Ministry of Education. It consists of a series of independent assessments based on a scale of language proficiency (A1 to B2 for schools) defined in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), a framework used in foreign language learning around the world.

DELF is an official diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education to certify that foreign candidates have achieved a certain level of French. This diploma is recognized wherever and whenever you need to prove that you learnt French. Opportunities are many for its use and it has lifelong validity.


Mr.Munana Theodomir (A Teacher of French as Foreign Language and French on Specific purposes for professional language)

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