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The valedictory of 2022 was very interesting. My favourite class was Primary 6 Crested Crane. They presented about ‘The GOD of war, Jajja Ddungu.’ Jajja Ddungu was a very powerful God. Many people used to believe in him because he was a powerful god/spirit. Everyone used to fear him because they knew when they crossed his way, he could hurt them or do something worse. But Primary Six Crested Crane specifically performed about war. The girls symbolized the celebration after the war while the boys symbolized fighting during a war. My experience in this presentation is fantastic. I really loved the way they made it look so real. Like they sacrificed a little girl for a war that they won. But in the end the end they defeated Jajja Ddungu. Now we don’t believe in Jajja Ddungu but we believe in GOD.

Zara Petros, P.6 CC

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