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One fine morning in a small cottage, there lived a young girl and her mother. The girl was called GOLDILOK. One day her mom sent her to go in the forest to get flowers.

When GOLDILOK went into the forest, she got lost but she saw a house in the forest and she went in and saw three bowls with cooked fish inside of them. She ate the first bowl and she said “Oh, this is very hot.” She ate the second bowl and said, “This is very cold.” She ate the third bowl and said, “Yummy, this is nice and warm.”

 GOLDILOK was very tired and went to the bedroom and she found three beds and tried them. The first one was big, old and spoiled, she tried it, and said “This bed is too rough.” She got up and went to the second one and it was a bit nice and was a bit rough. She tried it and said, “This is a bit comfy but it’s too big.” She got up and went to the third one, it was soft, cosy and warm. She tried it and said, “Ah, this is nice, warm and cosy, this is a perfect bed.” She went to sleep.

The next morning, she woke up hearing someone saying, “HEY, SOMEONE IS IN OUR HOUSE!” She got scared and hid under the bed for a few minutes until she heard a loud roar “WHO ATE OUR FISH!” GOLDILOK got so scared. She screamed. GOLDILOK started to hear footsteps coming into the room, she saw six bear feet and screamed so loud. She shattered the window. The biggest Bear called daddy bear picked up the bed. GOLDILOK tried to run away but the bears caught her, she screamed very loud causing the house to shake. She kept on saying, “Let me go, I’m sorry that I ate your fish.” Daddy Bear called Mommy Bear and Baby Bear and said “What should we do with her for eating our food?” Mommy Bear said, “Let’s kick her out of the forest and when she returns, we eat her.” Daddy Bear agreed and let her free. GOLDILOK ran for so long, she found her house and ran in. GOLDILOK's mom saw her and hugged her and asked, “Where have you been?” GOLDILOK was so exhausted she fainted. The next morning GOLDILOK woke up and saw her mother by her side and GOLDILOK lived the rest of her life in peace.

Angok Madut Yr.5 

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