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There is a lot of good news spreading in Taibah International School. To begin with, is Sports Day. This was wonderful. I bet the parents enjoyed it as well. I loved the snacks, cotton candy, chapatti, chicken, popcorn, and toys for children among others. On the 7th of April, Good Friday was the Theatre Production and it was awesome. We had very many parents that come. I was so surprised to see parents in such big numbers.

The Theatre Production comprised all four Taibah schools; Taibah International School-Primary, the host, Taibah International School-Secondary, that acted in the play, Taibah, School and Educare. It was so amazing when we unmasked the Egwugwu. I loved the choir members especially when they sang “Believer” by Imagine Dragons.

The teachers’ presentation was a blast. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was educational, cultural and entertaining. I learnt a lot. It became the talk of the weekend and the next week. Most of the children learnt how to control anger from that play.

Other good news includes; theme presentations, the wings, circle time, games in the field, weekend sports, good food, fruits, entertaining assemblies, fun lessons, the computer lab, a clean and safe environment, weekend entertainment, “Are you happy form” in the dormitory, swimming, free Wi-Fi, among others.

Nyiira Basabose Miriam

P.6 Eagles

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