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Gratitude is the act of being appreciative of what one has done for you. Usually, students are not grateful for what the school has done for them. They often take opportunities and offers given to them for granted.

Furthermore, students are given offers like career guidance on how to plan and fit in with the future, making them understand that their hard work will not go to waste. Opportunities given to students like swimming skills, football skills and many more are to waste and sometimes not put into practice.

What are students grateful for? Students could be grateful for food and education, health and commodities. Teachers put in a lot of effort for students to learn but they tend to feel like they are on top of the world.

Lastly, students need to understand and appreciate their parents and teachers’ effort. They waste the chances given and show ruthless behaviour. However, well-mannered students usually appreciate the tremendous work done by the teachers and parents.

Latifah Ssenyonga

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