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Hakuna Matata Zanzibar

My parents surprised my siblings and me with a holiday trip to Zanzibar. One evening, our aunt told us to pack our suitcases for a planned visit to our parents the following day. We stay at our aunt’s place during the school term and with our parents during the holidays. When we were told to pack our suitcases, we did not suspect a thing as that was our usual holiday routine. The following day, we headed out to the bypass and express highway. This time, we did not branch off to the regular Seguku turn, which led us to ask our aunt if we were lost. She said we would first visit the Airport and then return to Seguku.

We were excited to see the airport and airplanes. We met my dad and mom on arrival, who also had suitcases. We were now suspicious of what was going on. That is when we were told of the trip to Zanzibar. We proceeded to the check-in counters where our suitcases were taken; then, we headed out to some counter where our passports were stamped. Afterward, we went to the restaurant and had lunch before boarding the Uganda Airlines aircraft. It was exciting to be in an aircraft, to get a feel of how it takes off from the ground, and to taste the eats served on the plane.

When we arrived in Zanzibar, we were welcomed by a tourist company driver named Raj. He took us to different places in Zanzibar for three days. While there, we stayed at a hotel by the ocean, swam in the ocean, saw dolphins, and swam with tortoises at Ghanguu Island. We also visited the stone market, where we saw different types of fish and got to eat the octopus. We took lots of pictures and had a lot of fun with my mum, dad, aunt, and siblings. After three days, we returned home using the same airline. There were many stories to tell our neighbors and friends at school. It was a fun trip.

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