Have you taken a Selfie Today?

Selfies maybe the smallest media but one of the best you could ever have. Memories greater than you can ever imagine. Selfies are mostly taken by the youth and are commonly posted on social media to share what they have with the world. Selfies can be useful and harmful at the same time. They are commonly used during an investigation of a missing person and they can be used during funerals at a gravestone to remember a loved one. Selfies are also used to boost self-esteem which supports one’s mental health. Selfies can be used to spread awareness and transform culture.

Let’s not count our eggs before they hatch. Selfies maybe be fun to take and exciting to post but they have a down side. My father once sat me down and told me to be careful when posting selfies and to whom I am sending my pictures. He told me youth sometimes tend to take inappropriate pictures and post them which may affect their future because if someone is applying for a high position in life, someone can bring back that image which may ruin their reputation. Selfies can also be used by criminals like kidnappers to track you down and gather all personal data putting your life at risk. Selfies also destroy mental health for the insecure youth. They feel like selfies are a competition which makes them feel like they can’t look as good as the rest.

If we could take selfies of our souls, would you find it attractive to post?


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