High Price of Commodities

These days, basic needs are too expensive for life. Things like sugar, salt, water, soap, cooking oil, and food, to mention but these. This is all brought by skyrocketing prices of fuel which is used in the production of these things. Many people cannot afford these basic needs. Majority have relocated to villages because of the high cost of living in urban centres. Poor people are dying of hunger while rich people are eating to their hearts content.

Some people say that the price of basic needs has increased because of the Russia and Ukraine war. Others say that it is because the president has over stayed in power while others say it is because of the death of the Governor Bank of Uganda [Emmanuel Mutebile]. The government on the other hand says the country has reached middle income status but this is not recognized by international community. But nobody knows what the actual reason is. May be some politicians and economists know and we would like to hear what they have to say.

Nevertheless, we need to do something to save people who are dying of hunger.

P.6 Wrens

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