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How do you make friends?

One of the most essential things to ever have in life is friends. Without them, life becomes dull.

One of the more obvious ways is to be more social. For example, if there is a party and there are some people that you know, do your best to attend, you could meet new people, and there you will build more connections.

Another way is to participate in social activities like sports. You will be able to increase your physical strength and bond with people who enjoy the same things that you do.

The most essential way to make friends is to become more likable. You can do this by improving your sense of humor, being kind, and don’t forget maintaining proper personal hygiene to be presentable and more approachable.

If you maintain a positive attitude to keep making friends, you will have more people to make memories with and make life more thrilling for both you and the people you socialise with.

Daryl Kyeyune

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