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How do you make friends?

Making friends is one of the toughest, harshest and most complicated situations a person can deal with. Not everyone will be your friend and that’s a harsh fact. Before you start considering the friends you want to make, first think of the qualities of a good friend. A good friend is a companion who is there to support, advise, care, and correct you when you are in the wrong.

Friends with benefits are one of the worst types of friends you can make. Friendships should never revolve around money, food or gossiping. It should revolve around trust, comfort, and happiness.

While making friends, you should always consider being yourself completely, and never anyone else. You should always portray your true personality and not act differently just to fit in and connect with the wrong people. Those so-called friends will leave you and dump you, and you will be grateful that they are out of your life. Trust me, you will feel relieved.

As you are making friends, aim for people who are truthful and influence you positively. Get friends who will always tell you the truth and are willing to guide you when you are wrong, as it is impossible to always be right. A true friend will tell you the truth and if they are able to correct you, it would be a sign that they love, care about, and support you.

These are a few things that portray a friend that wants to grow with you and keep the friendship strong.

Sakwa Charlene

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