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In the first week of my holiday, my mom told us that we were going to Ethiopia [My home country] I was excited to meet my friends back home. But my dad had other plans. The day we told our dad, he said ‘I’m coming to Uganda’. We were 

still happy at the same time sad. Happy because we are seeing our dad after a long time. Sad because I was not going to see my friends but it is what it is. 

Mostly I spent my holiday with my dad, we went to River Nile, we were staying at our uncle’s place. The first day uncle gave us honey. To be honest it was tasty. We were there for only two days, so my mom and my uncle went to buy a goat for our last meal. My mom cooked the goat and it was mouth-watering!

Aman Ziade Hailu, P.7 Pigeon

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