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8th March is International Women’s Day, However, at Taibah International School Junior it was not just Women’s Day but the very first Sports Day after COVID. It was a beautiful bright morning. The Kg Pupils assembled in front of the administration block together with the band and marched to the field in their respective colours, anthems were sung at exactly 8:30 am. Parents actively cheered on while pupils were involved in various sports activities such as; cone race by Kg2, narrow escape by Kg1, getting ready for school where fathers had to dress their children, Mummy for work where kids were dressed as mothers plus so many interesting games. The teachers and parents also got a chance to participate in games and races which ended with the tag of war between parents and teachers. It was such a colourful day.

I celebrated that day with my mother at school and she was so happy seeing me as the MC of that day. Her words were, “I have enjoyed the day after seeing you running the day my daughter.”

Gabriella Atuhairwe

P.6 Francolin

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