How to Deal with your Mental Health

Health is described as the state of being free of any illness and injuries, but it also refers to a person’s mental and physical condition. Health is considered as one of the most valuable assets a human being needs in order to live a happy life. Bet it mental or physical, one must be accountable for their wellbeing.

In the 21st century, the number of teenager anxiety cases are increasing on a daily basis; but the main question is what is the cause of this tragedy? Their learning is negatively affected because of their inability to retain information, bad peer groups that involves teenagers in foul acts like drugs, alcoholism and poor concentration in class. Not only does it affect their mental health, but also how they respond to activities in school. They tend to be unhappy, absent themselves from class and either get expelled or suspended.

Teachers not only in Taibah but also other high schools have found solutions to help children cope with their mental health. Through dedicating lessons like PSHE (Physical Social Health Education) teachers help to strengthen and build a positive body-mind relationship with students. School also introduced yoga and meditation to reduce anxiety and stress levels in students. They also encourage students to connect with others hoping it will stabilize their wellbeing. More solutions are yet to come to improve the welfare of students worldwide.

Hannah Nsiime
YR.10 Aries

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