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I Am Proud of my Talent

On Saturday I was excited because I wanted to surprise my parents with the talent in me. I begin by thanking my teachers for discovering a hero in me, and my parents for choosing a school with a difference that discovered my talent. Unfortunately, our parents were not there on valedictory so they just dropped us to the Akamwesi gardens.

My team got ready for our dance, and I was in two groups. I was in the Christian group and the Maganda group with my friends Nakata and Montana. So we first danced Maganda and after I went to Christian’s dance. I was on stage performing, I could feel and enjoy the music to the fullest. All my friends and I enjoyed it like never before. After that, we got break time and they offered us yogurt and a queen cake for each one of my class members. At 12 noon Tr. Madinah said parents are not with us at this Valedictory so she requested the teachers to send a link to each and every parent so that they can be part of the valedictory. Photographers were seen everywhere to record everything that was taking place at the valedictory so that our parents can watch us while performing on YouTube. Facebook. The weather was bad because it rained a little. At exactly 1 pm the show ended.

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