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I Live to Tell the Story

I live to tell the story.

A road trip down my memory lane.

That links the love and joy of a motherly school.

The tour around my mind, revealing my visions,

And intellect, unveiling all the sights and sounds of your nature!

The admirations you have moved us.

Oh yeah, now I rupture into multiple splinters,

Of beauty, excitement, future foresight, oh mother!

You have clothed us with your beauty!

Like the mother hen does,

You have kept us warm mother Taibah!

I surely live to tell the story.

I live to tell the story.

You know, note what I say.

Twins, yes admirable Taibah Junior and China.

We tied a note that we now wear.

Yes, Inseparable we shall stand!

Sharing what each has

A priority! It has become!

The Chinese language we now speak.

Yes, we speak with pride.

Speaking ours! They also do, with pride.

I stand to tell the story.

Oh! Pillars! Yes, the pillars of a great philosophy.

Yes! It put to rest the staggering synchronicity of

Hearts and minds now, oh mother Taibah!

Learning from a clean, safe, secure, happy and;

A comfortable environment!

The priority so became a philosophy!

Child-centered methodologies,

I mean the hands-on learning.

How wonderful learning is!

Growing us with life skills!

Oh yeah! Confidence, Yes Creativity!

Very good, Critical thinking,

Wonderful Communication and collaboration, the way to go!

Concern for community, how vital it is!

I stand to tell the story.

Listen! My dear! The drum is sounding, listen!

Mother Taibah’s vision,

A leading center of excellence, in the provision and;

Promotion of quality education in Uganda.

Indeed, there is no doubt about you mother.

Together like termites, we shall build you Taibah

United we stand, divided we shall fall.

But with the difference in Education!

I stand to tell the story.

For god and my country!

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