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First, I visited my cousins and enjoyed games and meals together. My baby sister turned one year old and we cut the cake for her birthday as she didn’t know what was happening. My uncle came back from the United States of America. He bought us nice shoes, clothes and bags, then we had a game of uno with the family. I also learnt about the new family members like my cousins abroad. I played badminton with my father and also swam together with him. I started learning Spanish, I also helped give my father medicine. We went to the movies together as a family. On New Year’s, I saw fireworks. I didn’t like it when one of my dad’s friends came and spoilt my PlayStation 4 controller and never fixed it and the worst thing is that he tried to blame it on me. I tried to learn magic but for some reason, it never worked. I also learnt a family recipe on how to cook chicken. 

It was a holiday to remember.

Shamal Nanyanzi, P.7 Pigeon

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