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Independence Day

Independence Day is the day a country is declared free from colonial rule. In Uganda, it is celebrated on the 9th of October every year and it’s a public holiday.

This year’s independence celebration was held in Kitgum district in Northern Uganda, since it was a Monday, we didn’t attend school however on the Friday Assembly before the day, our SST teacher explained the events that took place and promised us a video of what really took place on 9th of October 1962. Indeed, he fulfilled his promise when we came back to school we watched it, and we saw the Duke of Kent with his wife who represented the Queen of England to grant independence to Uganda. Ugandans were so happy on that day that we saw Major Sidney Small lowering the Union Jack and Major Akorimo Kanuti raising the Uganda Flag for the first time. The Uganda Anthem was played by the Police Band. We saw people boat racing on Lake Victoria and it was fun. We enjoyed and got the feeling of independence.

By: Stacey Tamara

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