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Interview with Nyonyozi Mata Sankara

We, Gift Ling Seiiy Lin and Tanya Nakibuuka Lutwama, are here with local celebrity Nyonyozi Mata Sankara. He is one of Taibah’s fastest swimmers, one of the many excellent academic achievers and one that never fails to extend a giving hand.

Lin: A very good morning to you, here we have Sankara. Could you tell us more about yourself?

Sankara: I’m a student at Taibah International School, I’m in year 13 the may/June intake and I’m majoring in Physics, Economics and Mathematics. Outside class I like to swim, play soccer and go to the gym.

Lin: Of all international schools, why Taibah?

Sankara: Initially, I chose Taibah because it has a good reputation in the sport aspect- all the interschool galas I had attended, Taibah participated exceedingly well and was ranked among the top. So, I was attracted to the school since I could study and pursue athletics at the same time.

Lin: What do you enjoy most about your education?

Sankara: My education at Taibah has been a magnificent journey. The teachers make it quite enjoyable because they are very friendly; you can crack jokes with them and they wouldn’t get mad. The student-teacher relationship is very beneficial towards my understanding of the different topics.

Lin: What are your greatest academic achievements since you joined Taibah?

Sankara: The AS results for the May/June series have to top that list, I did physics, economics, math and English general paper. Where I got an A in math and economics and a B in English general paper and physics.

Lin: I am quite certain that being in A level comes with many tasks. How do you manage your proprieties to meet the deadlines?

Sankara: Well for that, I’m privileged to be in a school that provides us with planners. So, I use that to plan out my entire day, keeping my proprieties first and ensuring I accomplish them before the day ends.

Lin: In one the most recent assemblies, the Headteacher commended you for your willingness to volunteer. What has motivated you to do that?

Sankara: Hmm… As I grew older, I realized I could do something to put a smile on someone’s face. I like to see the people around me happy, I like to see people smiling. If I can help them to have a better day, then why not? I am thankful that I am capable and able-bodied, so I will extend my assistance in any way I can.

Tanya: What inspires you to be the person you are?

Sankara: Eh! That’s a tricky question. Family, friends, teachers and all the people looking up to me, in everything I do I try to make sure I don’t disappoint them. In all that I do whilst at school, I do to represent TISS with so much honor.

Tanya: With reference to what you said earlier, you performed well. What exactly did you do to get those results?

Sankara: The Cambridge Curriculum is set in a way that everything taught is examined. So, I made sure I paid attention in class. Towards AS, I indulged in consultation with my teachers, I took part in group discussions with my peers. I had a few difficulties in Maths, but I kept on practicing and doing research, because one can’t expect the teachers to give 100% of what is needed, therefore the other minimal remaining percentage is put in by the amount of effort we add as individuals.

Tanya: What do you want to be in future, considering the fact that you do Physics, Economics and Mathematics; are you looking at engineering?

Sankara: Uhm… What do I want to be in future? A philanthropist, but I cannot give what I do not have, so I’ll first get a corporate job – at the university I plan on pursuing Computer Science and earn a living to achieve my dream of philanthropy. I’ve always wanted to use what I have to make the lives of people in the community better.

Lin: As we draw closer to the end of the interview, what are your athletic achievements since you joined Taibah and how have you gotten this far?

Sankara: A few months ago, I participated in the National Swimming Championship, where I was ranked the 52nd fastest swimmer in the country. The school has wonderful facilities that allow me to train at school, the swim coach is a very motivating man that always pushes us to beat our previous time records. At home, I take two hours every morning to hit the waves and sharpen my skills.

Lin: The school would want to know why you always put on pink masks?

Sankara: (Laughs mirthfully), I honestly saw this coming. Firstly, I’m following the COVID Standard Operating Procedures and I can also avoid diseases like flu and cough. And yes, pink is my favorite color.

Lin and Tanya: That brings us to the end of the interview, it was lovely having you here on the interview. Have a wonderful day and term!

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