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Africa Day is such an amazing day, full of culture and stories of origin about the past. So many tribes like Buganda, Bagisu Basoga, Langi, Acholi, Banyangkole, Batooro etc, but the best tribe of them all is the Iteso. The Iteso are a tribe from the Eastern part of Uganda. The Iteso can be found in Soroti, Kumi, Amuria, Bukedea, Ngora, Serere, Pallisa, Tororo, parts of Kenya, to mention. The staple food for Iteso is kalo [atapa] and pasted dry fish. Doesn’t that sound delicious? We have so many trible dances like akongo dance, ajosi and so many more.

what an amazing tribe Iteso is!

P.4 Velvet

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