Joyful Family

I have a big happy family. I live with my father, mother, two brothers, and one lovely little sister. I also have many cousins, uncles, aunts, and two grandmothers who love me very much.

Our home is in Tula. We live in an estate that has 12 bungalows. It is fun living near other families because I have met many friends to play with when I am at home. In our home, we have many plants. Sometimes birds fly over our plants looking for insects to eat.

My parents take good care of me. They take me and my brothers to school and look after my little sister. When I am sick, my parents also take me to the hospital. They teach us how to be good children by being kind to our friends and listening to our teachers.

Every day we pray to God to thank Him for all our blessings. I am happy to have such a wonderful family.

Gabriel Onesimus Nsereko
Primary One Pigeon

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