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  1. What is your name?

My name is Karlina Keza Kirabo

  1. In which class are you?

I am in Top class.

  1. What inspired you to compete in Miss Uganda?

My parents

  1. What challenges did you meet while you were competing?

There were many new things for me to learn in a short time and there was also a lot of pressure

  1. What was your reaction when you won the first competition?

I felt excited, happy and honoured

  1. Who accompanied you to those competitions?

My parents

  1. Have you ever been on stage before and where?

Yes, in my former school, I was a model and I like modelling.

  1. How was your experience on stage?

I felt proud, big and mature. 

  1. What motivated you to do this?

My former experience, wanting to fly and tour places and also finding ways of helping the needy.

  1. Thank for your time.

It’s my pleasure

Karlina Keza Kirabo, Top class

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