Kitchen Time

Here at Cambridge we learn a lot of things. There are three main subjects and these are; Literacy Numeracy and Science. But this does not stop us from learning other different subjects like; French, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Humanities, public speaking and Kitchen time to mention but these. Today I will tell you about kitchen time.

During kitchen time, learners learn how to cook food. It even says it in the name, ‘kitchen time.’ The teacher comes in, gets some people to help, and they bring the ingredients. They then get some tables to put the ingredients on and we stand around the table to listen to the instructions given by the teacher.

I am now going to talk about the American pancakes that I think have been made by all classes. With some special baking powder, water, oil and baking flour, stir the mixture until it’s runny but not thick. Then prepare the gas, put oil on the frying pan and with a spoon scoop up some dough, put on the pan and wait for some time and then flip!

In the end you can get a plate full of tinny or mini pancakes, pour some syrup and enjoy.

Yr.6 Parakeet

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