Langford Tournament

We have played and played. The day finally arrived! Finals of Langford Tournaments 2022. Let us go back to the beginning of this tournament where the tournament was created. When Uncle Pat fell sick in second term 2006 and we were informed that Uncle Pat’s condition was worsening. People’s worries increased! Then one fateful Monday, the principle of Taibah Schools, Mr. Oscar Semweya Musoke came to our assembly and immediately I felt that something was wrong. His mood seemed sad and I think the rest of the school could feel his mood, so we all feel very silent. Then Uncle Pat passed away on 24th June 2006. That cancer of the liver had spread all over his liver and had claimed his life. We miss you our dear Uncle Pat but The Lord loved you most. Rest in Peace Uncle Pat. That is how the tournament was born.

Ever since that day, we have played this tournament. So I was saying the day had come for the Langford Cup Finals. Egypt girls versus Burkina Faso girls and Egypt boys versus Cameroon boys. People were saying Tr. Jovan versus Tr. Peter (Math versus Science). Soon the matches took place and Egypt won in both girls and boys. When the awarding ceremony time came, the following awards were given,

Third place girls: Senegal girls

Third place boys: Burkina Faso boys

Second place runner ups girls: Burkina Faso girls

Second place runner ups boys: Cameroon boys

Egypt boys and girls carried the day!

Winners Langford tournament 2022- Egypt girls and boys were therefore as follows;

Best player- Siraj Serunjoji

Best Goal Keeper- Ryan Kibanga

Best team Manager- Tr. Jovan

Top scorer: Okema Bismarck

Everybody said that Tr. Jovan was better than all football coaches.

We won sweets, a trophy and a goat.

P.7 Gold crest

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