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Langford Tournament is a tournament played by the teams in Taibah International School Primary in honour of our founder headteacher The Late Patrick Langford. He was a very loving, caring and hard-working head teacher. This year we had our teams which were; Inter Milan, A.C Milan, Manchester City and Real Madrid. These teams are split into female and male teams. It all began with signing up people with their teams. They started having real football matches starting with the girls' matches and then went to the boys’ teams. They played very well in all matches.

My favourite team was Real Madrid not because they were good at playing football but because they were hardworking, believed that they could make it to the finals and had a lot of teamwork. As the matches went on A.C Milan was in fourth place while Real Madrid boys were in third place. The finals came up everyone was excited to see who would be the winner of the Langford tournament. We began with the British Anthem, Premier League Anthem and the school anthem then we began with the girls’ match played by Manchester City girls and Real Madrid girls. It was very interesting and everyone was excited to see the winner. Real Madrid girls tried to score a goal but didn’t enter. Soon after, it was second half but neither Real Madrid girls nor Manchester City girls scored any goal. In the final moments Real Madrid girls finally scored a goal which was immediately equalized by Manchester City. When full time came, they had penalties where Manchester City girls lost one goal while Real Madrid girls won all making them the winners of the Langford girls’ tournament.

Soon after, the boys came to play their final match. This match was played by Inter Milan boys and Manchester City boys. My dear, let me tell you, this was a match that made people speechless. In the first half, Manchester City boys scored a goal and then Inter Milan boys equalized it. In the second half, Inter Milan boys scored two goals while Manchester City boys tried to score more goals but sadly didn’t. Then full time came up and Inter Milan won the Langford boys tournament.

Our lovely Headteacher herself, Tr. Judy and our wonderful sports teacher, Tr. Mable awarded the teams and the winners with; sweets, medals and trophies. In conclusion, this I can gladly say, was my best Langford Tournament.


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