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Running is one of my hobbies. This time round we had laps and Primary Seven had to run for two full laps. Every house participated; Mufumbiro Blue, Elgon Yellow, Moroto Green and the mighty Rwenzori Red. Apart from Primary Seven, the other classes ran for one lap. Most of the children had hope in me but unfortunately, I completed in the sixth position and I got only two points for my house. Laps was one of the activities that greatly determined performance on the final Sports Day. In the end, Elgon Yellow won the trophy for laps.


It was four weeks before theatre and every class was training so hard to win the theatre production. Every teacher was walking up and down, East to West, North to South. Then it was two weeks left, the head teacher called class by class to see what they had done so far. Days came by and finally, it was two days left, every class had their final touches. On Friday 7th April morning everything was set, as ready as possible, there were three sections of the theatre production; the morning show, the afternoon show and the evening show. When everything was done, our parents congratulated us on the great job done.

Katende Joscella Joel

P.7 Weaverbird

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