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Barrack Obama one of the very many 21st Century leaders once said ‘Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.’ Suffice to say he was beckoning many to take up leadership. Leading people on whatever scale no doubt calls for not only sacrifice but an ultimate willingness to help others. Leadership calls for empathy or as some may call it being humane.

Often times as teachers we implore our students to become leaders. But even more important ‘Will they say yes’? Even with seemingly mundane tasks such as collecting books, organising the classroom or even taking the register this is still an aspect of leadership not only because not everyone will do it but also because of the willingness it requires. As a leader, part of your thought process should involve asking the question ‘Why / What drives me to do this’? Would I still do the same if it came with no perks or added privileges? Do I desire to be a part of the change process? What mark do I want to leave or rather how do I want to be remembered?

As we gear up for Term 2, a term which avails us with yet other opportunities to lead as many students brace to take up positions in the School Senate Body, these are some of the questions they must ponder on. We commend all who are already leading be it as Senators or even class leaders. May your example inspire the rest as well to have the innate desire to lead! Nevertheless even if we aren’t leading but are being led, our conduct should be beyond reproach and make it easy for those in leadership. Finally, never say never! May each year that goes by even after school give you the opportunity to harness the leader in you.

Teacher Stuart

Course Tutor and In Charge The Leadership Course.

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