Leadership is not a role but a lifestyle. I was made a leader in my first term in this school. Having been in a leadership position before I was not shocked. I was assigned the role of class leader. In the beginning it was difficult to lead a group of people I had never met. I worked on developing relationships with them in order to meet their needs. Slowly we started working in sync like well-oiled machine, but like any machine, there were faults which came in form of disagreements. Luckily, I was blessed to have the assistance of two hard working angels, Suzan and Emmanuella. Together we worked tirelessly to keep the name ‘spurs’. Then out of the blue we were hit by Covid and the world struggled to adjust to the new normal. In the same way, we as a school struggled to keep our foundation. Online classes began with a shaky start and I had a difficult time. I was tasked with a few roles; forming groups, compiling contacts and helping with registration, but like very good leader I managed to adjust. Finally, lockdown came to an end and I was thrusted into a new normal that was no so normal. The size of our class increased and so did my roles as class leader of a now candidate class. The pressure mounted as I had to lead a changed group of people and balance my struggling academic life. Unfortunately, I took an unofficial leave for personal reasons and relinquished my roles to my fellow leaders. On coming back, I chose to focus on academics and stepped down from my roles. Every knight must hand over the reins eventually and so I did to the current class leader, Obitre Warren. Being a leader is not as simple as it sounds but it’s a God given gift which shapes you into the best version of yourself.

Kunihira Melinda
S.4 spurs

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