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The buzz has never been booming as it is right now. The air has been filled with excitement after hundreds of parents called in to congratulate the school for a successful exposition. The exposition left parents to stunt as many students worked hard for their businesses’ success. But did the students learn anything?

Well, the day helped in improving the pupils’ confidence level and critical thinking as the pupils were explaining their pieces of work displayed and how to market their products to the parents. This also helps in opening our eyes to the real world and how life gets tougher but let’s not forget the behind scenes, one glimpse would leave you amused by the hard work and effort the students put in the day leading to the event was exhausting and the work done by students increased by a hundred, this taught children to be quiet and focused when working. The exposition also exposed young intelligent minds to money and how to use it. It also informed children on how to create their own business world and at the end of the day, the students left with newly developed minds and proud parents.

Hellen Humwara Ocum, Yr. 6 Parakeet

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