Let’s Go Shopping

“Let’s go shopping,’’ said mummy. She goes grocery shopping every Friday afternoon when I’m at school. It was good Friday; a holiday and I was home, so I agreed to go with her. We went to quality shopping village in Namugongo. It is a big shopping mall with many stores and one big supermarket: Quality. I quickly grabbed the trolly and the shopping began.

There are different sections; meat section, bakery, toys, fruits and vegetables and general groceries. There are also very many customer service personnel helping the customers. I helped mummy pick up items on our shopping list one by one. When we had finished, we went to the counter for payment. There are many ways to pay for your purchase such as cash, mobile money and a card. Mummy paid using a card to teach me how it works. She put her bank card into the machine and pressed a number. The cashier handed us a receipt shortly after and let us proceed to the car. I did not see the money, but she says the bill was cleared when a receipt was given. It was fun picking out the items and learning how to pay using a card. I look forward to shopping again.

Divine Mugagga Blessing N.

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