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Here in Taibah, there are ups and downs of being a candidate. First of all, imagine starting classes at 6:00am to start lessons! But otherwise life as a candidate is always fun.

At the beginning of the year, we were told that being a candidate is a very big responsibility since we were the role models of the school. We started preparing for exams in February. We had constant Base-line tests inclusive to the International Tests set from the Cambridge University. But as everyday passed, we continued to work even harder for when the day comes.

During the holiday, we were advised to study every day because in the second term, we would be doing our Mock Examinations. There were the second most important examinations. Pre-Checkpoint Examinations soon follow after that.

When we came back for second term, we started preparing for the MOCK Examinations. We were given additional practice exams to help our minds relax in the exams.

Stacy Semanda Hannifah, Yr. 6P

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