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Life at Taibah

“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark” is a key quote I have lived through over my years defining who I am. To the reader out there who doesn’t know who I am – well take a seat and brace yourself for a fascinating trailer of my life in Taibah International School.

Hey, I am Omar Dolomyne Wlue, a senior candidate at this fine institution who loves sports and liberal arts. I am a South African by birth but Ugandan by registration and you can choose to call me a Liberian because of my father’s lineage. I know you’re wondering, “How so?” Let’s just say I am an African cocktail. I offer History, Literature and Business entrepreneurship with Computer studies in addition to my hobbies being soccer, debate, track running, reading novels and putting a smile on individuals who face it rough in school. You can say I am an enthusiastic, caring and considerate character of a person but I dwell in always helping other people a lot.

21st January marked my birth date as a Taibah student. As an individual, I was given a chance by teacher Annet Nanyonjo whom I gladly bless for a remarkable opportunity as she paved and opened a brighter path in my future. With that meaning, through not only academics I managed to portray prominent skills in Theatre production, and sports and as well as be the master of ceremonies in almost all school events.

Firstly, let me start with theatre. I discovered my love for acting in middle school and continued to pursue it in high school as I was multi-talented in both dance and drama. Through theatre, I was able to develop my creativity and communication skills partnered with teamwork and leadership as the lead character – “Okonkwo”. If I was to sum it up in one word, I would call it “Dream-reality”. I learned how to express myself both verbally and physically helping me to become a more confident speaker and performer. The brief outline of theatre production would not be leaving out hard work and teamwork as the main instruments that pulled it to succession with the help of our own dear loving father and principal, Oscar Semweya Musoke. I am proud that I was part of an amazing group and that helped me learn an enlightening moral value in my life.

Secondly, would be my active sports participation with which my house – “Chwezi” managed to win first place and the school shield with my participation in soccer, tug of war and being a visible leader boosting their morale towards success. From my house, I learned that one person cannot overcome any obstacle alone but with the help of others an obstacle is seen to be easily surpassed.

By participating in both sports and theatre, I was able to become a public figure as people knew me for my talent on stage and as well as leading my house to victory. I was able to use my public persona to give back to my community as I volunteered in school events and used my influence to raise awareness. I was able to stand out from the crowd and connect with a diverse group of people.

I hate to conclude now, but as I said this is just a trailer, the full movie of my life is still being directed as we speak – to the reader, pursue your passion and use your talent to make a positive impact on your community. With not much left to say, I’d like to say Alhamdulilah for the gift of life and remember never say one day, say day one.

Omar Dolomyne Wlue Dennis

Senior Six Falcons

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