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Life Saving Skills are Important

Life-saving skills are very important because they deal with something as valuable as saving a life, something that we only have once in a lifetime. You can use these skills to save a life on land or in an aquatic situation. They can be used to save a loved one, or your own life. How?

Firstly. Several skills can be used, but these are some of them; Cardiopulmonary resuscitation also known as CPR, Heimlich Manoeuver, Controlling Bleeding, Managing Burns, and many more. Most of these skills are used by people frequently throughout their lives, but do you know how to use them? Why are they so important?

For instance, the Heimlich Manoeuvre is one of the easier skills to use as someone can just watch a two-minute video and be able to use it as if they have known it all their lives. It is used in choking situations and it is performed by wrapping your arms around a person, making a fist with one, and clasping it with another. Place your fists between the person's ribcage and belly button and thrust your hands into their abdomen and the object is freed. Around 5300 people die of choking per year and you can reduce this number by learning this skill.

Next, CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation is an emergency procedure performed when a person enters cardiac arrest. The heart stops beating or beats ineffectively to circulate blood throughout the body. So, by learning a skill, you can help reduce the 350,000 people dying from cardiac arrest each year. It is a simple five-step procedure. Call the emergency hotline or any hospital, put the person on their back and open up their airway, check for breathing, perform 30 chest compressions, perform two rescue breaths, and repeat.

Lastly, managing burns. Now this is also important for people to know because anyone can get burnt in their day-to-day lives, maybe while cooking or doing any other household chore. A person should know the 6C's, Clothing, Cooling, Cleaning, Chemoprophylaxis, Covering and Comforting. For those who don’t know what chemoprophylaxis is, it is the administering of medication to prevent disease or infection. Burns can also leave scars in places we do not want them to, so to avoid scarring, please learn this skill and the 6C’s.

Although not all the mentioned skills were explained in detail, I do encourage you to look them up on the internet to learn more about them and for the ones I explained, I hope you learned something that could be of help in the future. Make an effort to teach others, because you never know, you may save a life.

Hannah Marcella

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